Team for 25th Vis Moot


Klaudia Becker

Klaudia Becker is a 4th-year student of law at the University of Gdańsk. Her main areas of legal interest include civil law and most recently the CISG. She has developed her legal skills during several internships in law firms in Gdynia and Gdańsk. Klaudia is fluent in English and has a very good command of German. She is passionate about Far East journeys and alternative music.


Wiktor Dorębski

Wiktor Dorębski is 4th-year law student at the University of Gdańsk. His main areas of interest include civil procedure, human rights and lately – international commercial arbitration. He has been awarded Dean’s Scholarship for best students three times. He does volunteer work for Metropolitan Institute – a foundation focused on promoting good practice in regards to public space as well as activisation of local communities. He speaks fluent English and repeatedly promises himself to dust off his communication skills in German and French. Apart from his studies he enjoys long distance running, 90’s cheesy pop music and all sorts of oriental food, Korean in particular.


Jakub Plebański

Jakub Plebański is fourth-year law student at the University of Gdansk. He is interested in commercial law, international commercial arbitration and theory of law. Presently, he is a chairman of Commercial Law Student’s Club and member of Oxford Debates Student’s Club. Besides, he is an intern in an international law firm and he cooperates with a consulting firm dealing with European law. Jakub is deeply involved in promoting Oxford debates and providing pro publico bono legal assistance. Kuba is fascinated with history, football, and traveling.


Kacper Rutecki

Kacper Rutecki was born and raised in Gdańsk, where he also attended High School. He started his studies at the University of Gdańsk in 2014. His main areas of interest are corporate law and tax law. He has worked as a paralegal in several law firms and as a volunteer in NGOs. He was a President of European Law Student Association ELSA Gdańsk. In his free time, he enjoys boxing, sailing and playing the piano.